Nashville Birth Doula Services

47208_1363647458219_189923_nWelcome to Hands and Heart Doula and Birth Services! I’m Jessica McGilvray, Birth Doula and Founder of Hands and Heart Doula and Birth Services. I am passionate about birth and about empowering women to make evidence based and informed choices for themselves and their babies throughout the child bearing year. I believe that all women should have a peaceful, beautiful birth experience, whether it involves having a natural childbirth, having an epidural or other medical interventions, or having a Cesarean section. As a doula, I support women in their pregnancies, labors, and postpartum period informationally, emotionally, and physically to help them achieve their birth goals and to have an empowering experience however their birth unfolds.

Evidence shows that having the continuous support of a doula at your birth leads to fewer cesarians, shorter labors, a decrease in medical interventions such as pitocin, fewer requests for pain management such as epidurals, and a higher satisfaction with the whole birth experience for the birthing woman (Dekker, Rebecca. The Evidence on Doulas, Evidence Based Birth). I would love to talk to you about how I can support you for your pregnancy and birth!

Please take some time to look around the website and check out articles and resources for pregnancy, birth, postpartum period, and breastfeeding information. If you are interested in labor doula support, contact me to schedule a free consultation.


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