Birth Doula Services

Just had a positive pregnancy test? 38 weeks pregnant and counting? Eagerly anticipating your 20 week anatomy scan? First baby? 2nd? 5th? Hospital, birth center, home birth? Unmedicated, planned epidural, induction, VBAC, Cesarean? Wherever you beautiful-blur-close-up-1066287.jpgare in your journey and however you choose to birth, your birth doula is there for you! From the moment of hire, your doula is available to you anytime to answer questions, offer support and encouragement, and just be a listening ear when you need one through unlimited phone/text and e-mail support. Each of our clients has two prenatal visits in the comfort of their own home. During these visits, your doula will help you consider and talk through all your options for pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. She will also spend time getting to know you and and building a close, caring relationship with you. She’ll teach you exercises to help ease common pregnancy discomforts and practice comfort measures with you that will aid in relaxation during your birth. When you hire a doula, you reap the benefit of years of professional experience, comprehensive training and wide knowledge about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, as well as a warm, supportive, caring presence throughout your journey.

If you choose our Premium Birth Doula package, you will also get a 4 hour postpartum prep session in your home. This session includes education on what to expect for both you and baby during the postpartum period and assistance preparing for postpartum. This assistance can include a variety of things, such as nursery set up, meal prep, breastfeeding education, preparation for the mother’s recovery (setting up needed supplies in the bathroom, for nursing, etc.), and organizing a meal train for after the birth.

Your doula will come to you when you want her during labor and will remain with you continuously throughout labor and birth, providing emotional, physical, and information support and working with you and your birth team to create a welcoming, respectful, kind, and supportive space in which to welcome your baby.

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