Infant Sleep Consulting and Sleep Shaping Services

“I slept like a baby last night” is a phrase we hear all the time in reference to sleeping deeply and well. But many new parents find the reality of infant sleep to be somewhat different. From waking at night due to hunger, discomfort, or simply looking for company to sporadic day time naps, very short naps, or very few day time naps, many parents of babies feel like their baby (and consequently the parents!) aren’t really sleeping at all.This begins a cycle of exhaustion and frustration for both the baby and the parents, which negatively impacts baby’s sleep, health, and development and parent’s mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing and their ability to parent from a place rest and patience as well as their ability to perform well at work and other areas of their lives.  Some of these difficulties stem from not really understanding what newborn and infant sleep really look like, how much sleep babies need at different stages, and how to set foundations for healthy sleep right from the start. And sometimes the difficulties arise because the habits, routines, or sleep circumstances just are not working for the baby, the parents, or both.

So what are tired parents to do? What about parents-to-be or new parents who want to learn how to set up healthy routines and sleep habits? What if you want better sleep, but feel overwhelmed by all the “sleep training methods” out there, you want to modify a method to fit your needs better, or you want to continue to co sleep, feed at night, or need to help a baby sleep better while he is sharing a room with siblings? That’s where we can help. As certified infant sleep consultants and sleep shapers, we can help you learn what is normal sleep for infants at each stage, how infant sleep develops, and how to set your newborn up for healthy sleep habits right from the beginning. We can sit down with you and listen to your sleep goals and your family’s needs and create a plan that’s right for you, whether it’s room sharing, co sleeping, moving baby to sleep in the nursery, or whatever your ideal sleep night looks like, whether you are formula or breastfeeding, and whether you want to wean from night time feeding (after 6 months) or continue to feed at night.

Need hands on help and support to implement your plan and reach your goals? We do that too! We can come in for overnight support to help you work your sleep plan, to encourage you, and to give you a night of uninterrupted sleep while we follow your plan with your baby so you can start fresh the next day. We work with families with newborns up through 12 months, tailoring what we do at each stage to the needs of your baby and your family.

A great sleep routine is one that works to maximize rest and health for the whole family. Let us help your family find the routine that works for you today! To schedule a free phone consultation, contact us!

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